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Why a Family Tree?

Sir William Martin (1462- Mar 24 1502)

Because it is interesting to me. Looking into the past, finding stories about your ancestors that you didn't know, finding, by some off- hand chance, you descend from a king, or knights, or vikings.
I have been researching my family tree for about 3 years now, and have collected about 31,000 names, including some major figures from history. I descend directly from people such as King James IV of Scotland, Edward III of England (one million americans can claim this one), William the Conqueror, Eric 'The Blood Axe' Viking king of York, Charlemagne King of the Franks and Emperor of the western Roman Empire, and Mark Antony. George Washington was a 2nd cousin, Thomas Jefferson a half 3rd cousin.
The dead guy on the right is Sir William Martin of Athelhampton House, Dorsetshire, England. He is my 14th great- grandfather. That means that I am 17 generations descended from this knight. He was born around 1462 and died mar 24 1502, aged 40. Many people with the surname Martin come from this line. This line also extends back to the Norman invasion of 1066 to one Martin of Tours in Normandy. He accompanied his father-in-law, Sir Serlo de Burci, one of William the Conquerors cousins and Generals. Martin's children took the surname of Fitzmartin, meaning son of Martin. This is a bastardization of the french 'fils'. Eventually, the Fitz was dropped. The Normans were originally Vikings expelled from Norway and they conquered northern France and took on the French language and culture in the two centuries before invading England.
I will not, at this time put the family tree directly into this site, but maybe later on, depending on how much memory it takes up. I will, however link to, where my on-line file is stored.
If anybody out there is interested in genealogy, i will eventually include a list of links to start your research.

Browse through my family tree.

I am always adding info, and send in an update to every two or three months.