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November 30, 2001

george harrison

MSNBC- George Harrison named his record label and one of his albums Dark Horse, once explaining to an interviewer that a dark horse was the one that nobodys bothered to put any money on. Thats me, I guess, the very last one anyone would have ever expected to come out a winner.

I really don't have much else to say.

November 21, 2001

How to Alienate your Friends

another proud moment in angus history

Since I seem so good and being a total fucking moron and pissing off the people who mean the most to me in the world, it's time to introduce a little section, I'll call How to alienate your friends.

--->First thing is to make sure that this is your very best friend in the whole world, you can tell this person anything and they can tell you anything.

--->Then at their weakest moment, you act like an ass by saying things like 'What about my needs' and handing out advice that is neither welcome or warranted, something to the effect of 'Whatever so and so told you is all bullshit' or 'please don't take this the wrong way, but, maybe you should look for love in other places' blah blah blah

--->Make sure that you say things that are very hard to take back, like confessing your love for this person, when that is the last thing they need.

--->Do take a condescending tone when talking to this friend, that way they know you are the older and wiser person.

--->Do try to fix their problems for them...especially when all they need is to talk to someone.

--->Make sure after that person starts ignoring you, that you let it eat you up inside because now you feel like a fucking idiot.

--->Please steer your little disagreement into unchartered territory by commenting on the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend problem they've been having by directing the other persons attention to the fact that they don't need to love that ex, when they have you.

These simple steps will guarantee you late nights of tossing and turning wondering if you fucked up the best friendship that you've ever had.

I'm sorry, Magicgirl, really I am.

November 5, 2001

A few years ago, I read somewhere that the state of Mississippi did not ratify the 13th Amendment(btw...thats the one that freed the slaves) until 1985. 1985!!! I found this out because The Bitch was a native Mississippian of the white variety. Well along that same train of thought comes this story:

Salem Witches Finally Cleared

Nov. 5 Descendants of those executed during the infamous 17th century witch hunts in Salem, Massachusetts, were cheering on Thursday after the last of their wrongly accused ancestors were exonerated.

In a move that brings an end to a 300-year controversy haunting the state of Massachusetts, acting Gov. Jane Swift approved a bill that clears the accused witches hanged in 1692 and 1693.
"It's a great thing. They should have been exonerated a long time ago," said Sharon Tirone, whose ancestor Sara Wildes was hanged on Gallows Hill near Salem and then exonerated in 1711.

"These relatives were very distraught about this, they really took it to heart and they fought very hard for this," she told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Swift signed the bill on Wednesday as the town of Salem, which was rocked by the colonial-era hysteria, was in the midst of its annual celebration of Halloween.

Twenty-four men and women were hanged, crushed to death or died in prison during the witch hunt, which has grown into a symbol of the perils of group-think and superstition. The incidents were used as the basis for Arthur Miller's award-winning 1953 play "The Crucible," which drew parallels between the witch hunt and congressional hearings into perceived subversives and Communists.

The bill exonerates Susannah Martin, Bridget Bishop, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott and Wilmot Redd and was brought to the state legislature by descendants of some of the women accused and executed.

"The governor thought that Halloween was an appropriate day to sign this bill," said Shawn Feddeman, a spokeswoman for Swift.

In 1711, the legislature issued a general amnesty that exonerated all but six of the accused witches. In 1957 the state legislature passed a resolution exonerating Ann Pudeator, who was hanged. This bill finishes the job, said Paul Tirone, who sponsored the bill.

So if you are a descendent of a witch, a witch yourself, or a recently freed slave in Mississippi, your day has finally arrived.

Back later.