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July 15, 2001
Yes, the time is near, Mr. Jesus makes his triumphant return to Planet Earth, just in time. Or so the Germans would have you believe. Let's just remember that the old prophecies of the impending return were made two thousand years ago and were thought to be fulfilled within the lifetime of the disciples. Stop worrying about the world ending and your ultimate demise and start living.

July 13, 2001

I want to thank Angus for giving me this shot. Now I will not sit here and preach the word of the lord, if that's what you think reverend means. I prefer the philosophical to the man- made gods that have served their puposes in this world. Be what you want to be, go where you want to go.

But I will present to you some points of view that may open up some eyes against what is going on in American society in our modern times. I have pondered long nights wondering why we here in America have this need to impress our "culture" onto every person in the world. And yes, I do speak of those "men of god" who want to control your lives as well as mine. God forbid, you would need to think for yourselves.
I am a doubter, a questioner, an agnostic. So feel free to contact Angus (even though he hates mail) and lets break the chains.

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Reverend Ryan is an ordained minister of the internet Universal Life Church.

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