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OK ya shit-eating, piss-drinking, bottle- inserting, goatxce- imitating, going to the rave, extacy-taking, genital-piercing, wishing I was a vampire, chronic wanking, rednecked, inbred, beer-swilling, moonshining, cousin-chasing, Rosie O'Donnell watching, vote buying, intern-boffing, intern-killing, baby kissing, truth-bending, assassination info hiding, blacklisting, bible-thumping, elitist, abortion clinic bombing, protesting, superior- acting, pillow-biting, crab-munching bags of shit!
Did I leave anyone out?

The following are updated daily to weekly:

This is Cliff, he hates everybody...grouchy old fucker.

If you have weight problem, watch out, an angry teenager from Mexico is on the loose with a digital camera, and he will put you on his website and call you butter.

You like dead bodies? Well, here's the

King Stile, he's in the sicko section because, well there are days when he updates with unabashed carnage.