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ever wonder about whats behind that smile

its my party, and i'll cry if i want to

October 29, 2001

Alcoholic bear cured of vodka habit

An alcoholic Russian bear has kicked the habit after a millionaire animal lover paid for him to be treated at a drying out clinic.

Potapych became famous in Moscow for his binges after developing a taste for sharing his keeper's daily bottle of vodka.

At a new home, the bear was weaned off liquor, through a steady reduction of vodka mixed with his food.

According to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, it is a fairytale ending to the bad start the bear made in life.

He was bought as a cub by a Russian businessman who kept him in a park alongside his Moscow villa.

After the businessman was jailed, Potapych was ignored by everyone except his keeper, known as 'Uncle Misha'.

With little to do, Uncle Misha increasingly turned to the bottle to pass the time, and shared it with Potapych by pouring it on his food. Later the bear helped itself to the vodka, and the pair would often be seen staggering around the estate.

Many visitors who travelled to the park made the matter worse by bringing vodka as gifts for the two.

The bear's binges only ended when the wealthy head of the animal department of a Russian film company learned of Potapych and paid to finally dry him out.

Film company spokesman Tatyana Yarkina said: "The separation was heartrending for them both, but Potapych is far happier now. Now Potapych drinks milk."

Ain't that something...Even their bears are vodkaholics....I wonder if the bear was mean drunk, a happy drunk, or a crying drunk. Let me know.

October 28, 2001

I'm definately going for Frogh (click to enlarge)

Well, well, well. What can I say, This computer kicks ass! Everything has double in speed, I can't wait til they get DSL into my lil corner of the world...BAM...

To my 3 faithful readers, I will update more often...promise.

Just haven't had much to write about, or I'm starting to close off my emotions again. I don't know, I spent to much much time looking inwards.

October 21, 2001

I know, I know, I haven't updated in about 9 days. That is because this computer went on the fritz again and once again I lost everything. So Dell was nice enough to give me that will be a big fuck you to the ex, since I believe she fucked up my credit on purpose... and i ordered a brand new 8200...256K RAM, pentium 4, comes with a scanner, CD writer... I am pretty excited. UPS keep trying to deliver it during my working hours, so Friday I ended up going to pick up my packages after school, which I thought would be the whole computer unit, but no it was just the scanner. When I got back home, UPS had once again been by, of course during the hours I should have been home, and of course with the most most important parts of my new system, the System itself, so now I have to go pick it up tomorrow and fight through the horrid Albuquerque traffic, but I guess it's worth it. So this is my last update from this old computer, going to the grave at the ripe old age of 4. Then I can start rebuilding my family tree database again...ugh...for the third time since this computer was fucking me up.

And in other news...

CARLISLE, Pa (ABCNEWS) - Police didn't need to bug Randy Smeltz's home to find about his alleged marijuana growing operation - he apparently did it for them. Police say the 40-year-old Pennsylvania man called police regarding a stolen radio. When an officer called him back last Tuesday, someone answered the phone without saying anything, and put down the receiver. The officer then listened in as Smeltz discussed smoking marijuana and crack cocaine in his trailer in the Country Manor Mobile Home Park, police said. "The officer continued to listen to the conversation while taking notes," Officer William Nieves wrote in his report. Smeltz then picked up the phone - without first hanging up - and dialed a number. "A conversation ensued," Nieves wrote, between the officer and Smeltz. According to the police report, Smeltz told the officer "listen to this," as he inhaled deeply and remarked that it was good marijuana. Their chat continued, and Smeltz gave the officer his address. When police arrived, they found Smeltz and a female friend, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Authorities also found Smeltz was growing marijuana in the flowerbed of his mother's nearby home.

I guess too much of a good thing IS true...

October 12, 2001

How Deep the Brainwashing Has Been

post is serious so laugh at skeleton having sex

It is amazing how far Christianity pervades our psyches and our society. Today at school, of course, at noon, we all stood for the pledge of allegiance in a nationwide coming together. Now a little later, a student of mine, came asking me about the prayer session that the school was going to have. He was under the belief that the entire school was to go. That of course kind of irked me because we have a so-called separation of church and state in this country and under no circumstances can a school hold a prayer session for the entire student body. Of course I knew that it was volunteer, but I had to explain to him why. This is where I get to the point of my post. He could not conceive of the idea that someone might not believe in the christian god. He asked me if someone doesn't believe in god, will they get into heaven. I explained to him that not everybody accepts christianity as their religion, in fact, christainity is only the 3rd most honored religion in the world and if someone doesnt believe in god in does not matter to them whether they go to heaven or hell, as they probably didn't care anyway. It's only matters to the Christian. He asked me if I believed in god, and I actually told him I wasn't going to reveal what my beliefs were. I did this for the simple reason that my disbelief in any form of ultrasupernatural being could be a major stumbling point in this time of Jihad. Well, I think I utterly blew his mind. The church teaches our children that there is only one god and they are not allowed to research any other forms of religion. I think that is terrible. This is why there has to be a separation of church and education, because education is about expanding minds while church will restrict them. It's all bullshit. I grew up having to go to a fucking baptist church as my mom had 'found relijun'. When I was 13, I began ditching Sunday School because the kids there made me want to go on a rampage. Most of them attended the 'Christian' school attached to the church. These children looked down their noses at you if you attended public school. I have had this reputation in my family of never swallowing my pride even at a young age and either I was going to kick ass or leave. I left and after 2 years of battles with my mum, she finally agreed to me not going. I haven't looked back. I do not reject the historical writings of the Bible, the Koran, or any other sacred texts. But I do reject modern Christianity on the fact that it is a mutant form of something put forward by a social revolutionary who wasn't trying to change the world, but only trying to end corruption in his own time and place. So I am done with this, too fucking serious I guess I need to post a funny ass picture.

October 11, 2001

Hello, Uncle!! You still alive?

Right this minute, the President is talking about us getting the Evildoers, well I'm gonna focus on an evildoer close to home. No, I am not talking about a suspicious Muslim character in my town, a well- known nazi sympathizer within mine or your local police department (although you know that exists), I'm not even talking about my ex-wife. This evildoer is the one little piece of shit that is keeping me from having the perfect school year. So in the effort of not breaking confindence (a serious crime if your a teacher) we will refer to this little piece of slime as Pecker.

Pecker is a 15 year old little slimeball that goes to every extreme to break every rule set before him. But no, he's not your typical gangsta type thug, I love those guys, he a whiny, crybaby California looking skinny ass punk whose mommy bails him out of every bit of trouble he gets himself into. I was having a great day until last period where he proceded to monopolize the entire class time with his act of being confused at the assignment, and then complained about why all his teachers hated him. Boo hoo, your teachers fucking hate you cause youre a snivelly lil brat. Youre a sneaky shit who uses a calculator for your math assignments and then bitch and whine about not understanding something when you are not allowed to use one. Youre not allowed to use a calculator cause you cant do the math in the first place, get a fucking clue. He kept asking me questions, even while I was assisting other students and when he was ignored, he actually had the fucking gall to accuse me of denying him an education. What a fucking dumbass, I am a well respected teacher and all I have to do is say the word, and some students will fuck up his world. Of course I will not do that as that kind of shit always comes back to haunt you, You can't run a mafia at a high school, nobody can keep their mouths shut. So he ultimately walked out of class, and you know what that means? I win, ya little shit, I fucking win, go cry on mommy's shoulder and stop wearing your hat at school, don't you read the fucking dress code, asshole, I'm getting me a new hat soon.

Woo!! Glad I got that off my chest, can't bitch about it anywhere else, just here website...I love you.

October 5, 2001

I swear this cold is a bio-engineered mother fucker cause I am still hacking up pieces of my goddamned lungs.

Ha ha! You so Stupid!

To Protect and Serve...

Some Albuquerque police who suffered from a sweet tooth and poor judgment are liable to feel some hot water soon.

A law enforcement pilot and an APD officer used an APD Kiowa OH58 patrol helicopter to make a donut run Thursday morning.

A man who works nearby spotted the chopper land in a field near a Krispy Kreme outlet, saw the occupants get out, then saw them return with a box of doughnuts.

APD Sergeant Brian McCutcheon says the decision to land in that field was an error. "It's not a designated landing spot for our helicopter," said APD Sergeant Brian McCutcheon. We only land in the event of a dire emergency." McCutcheon added: "We are a professional department and that's unacceptable."

Me big strong need copter

Sir, I'm not allowed to do that, and its against regulations and the fee is $200 per hour at taxpayers expense.

(pulls back hammer on gun)Land now...donut...fuck... die... all your donuts are now belong to us...MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA

So nice to know that the streets are safe, that children have made it school on time, that the fuckers packing heat are all nicely locked up in the overcrowded city jail, to allow these brave men to grab a quick dozen donuts. Thank you gentlemen, you're efforts are duly noted, ya pieces of shit. Don't use 911, call your local Krispy Kreme.

October 1, 2001

Aint that right

Once again, the previous month exits and a new one comes through the door. October is my favorite time of the year. It's never too hot, and never too cold. Temperatures in the 60's and 70's, leaves turning colors, crispness in the air... And this year is especially sweet as there is no restraining order hanging over my head. The Bitch really knew how to fuck up a guy's life. After all, she's the one who left me, what was I supposed to do, not file for divorce and sit around and wait for her to come back. Fuck that, loyalty is number one baby. And Angus doesnt get betrayed like that with no chance of revenge. But anyway, a year has come and gone since she filed her bogus restraining order and it's now expired. I guess they thought a year was enough to dissipate the passion and yearning for closure and revenge, well, it's not. I really want to get her back, or find out what her reasons were for leaving, or to just laugh at her humiliation.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that she had creditors looking for her to collect on her Discovery card bill. Well, me being the nice, upstanding citizen that I am, gladly gave out her new address(her 2nd since we split) and her new phone number. Well today, I got the same collection agency calling me again. It turns out that her phone has been turned off, this is beautiful!! She can't survive on her own, I hope to see her walking around pushing a fucking shopping cart very soon. Like I have said before, she seriously fucked up her Karma, and now I'm looking down at her, getting ready to take the old proverbial dump down her fucking neck. What a stupid cunt. You reap what you sow, to everything turn, turn, turn, you made you bed now lie in it, we all get what we deserve, etc etc etc.

Am I bitter? Like licorice baby. Am I angry? Like a mama bear protcting her cubs. Am I insane? oh yeah, insane like Hamlet.