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A collection of the funny, horrifying, life-altering/ destroying events that go on in a divorce.

I now dub you QUEEN IDIOT!!


queen idiot

Do not get involved with this woman!! If you see her on the street, look away!! In fact, cross the road or step into traffic. Heed, heed my warnings son. Please for the love of god!! Too late, poor bastard.

September 21, 2001

HA HA HA HA HA, you bitch! The collection agency is coming for you. They keep calling here, cause you would never change the address. Well, I called them back and gave them your address and phone number!Never mind how I got that info, lets just say that more than one banking institution thinks you're shit, and they provided the info to me, since half the shit you're supposed to be paying for is still in my name. So Karma is a very very impressive thing. Be glad, they told me they weren't gonna break your legs like i wanted them to.

September 16, 2001...

In the course of my 31 years on this planet, I have been best friends with women. I have been respectful, listened to their problems, all around nice guy. I see now that this has gotten me nowhere. I have lost best friends because I could not separate the friendship with the other, romantic feelings I had for these women. This goes back to the 8th fucking grade. Me and a friend, lets call him Anthony, cause that was his name, decided to ask girls we liked out. First time for me, first time for him. Well, the girl I ask out, said "Oh, we're just friends", Anthony's said yes. The rest was history, Anthony went on to bang alot of chicks in high school, and i went on to be every girls best friend. It's like when psychologists define the repeating patterns of women who are trapped in abusive relationships. If they get out of one, they end up with another guy who beats them worse. Well, I believe there is a syndrome in males, Nice Guy Syndrome(NGS). We just go on conforting our female friends, who are usually the girls with abusive men, through their ups and downs. We pour our empathy and fellings out to them, and they turn around and find another guy, or in most cases, the same guy, and get involved with them, bypassing the logical choice, the NGS man. It's really sad, some bullying abusive fuck is out there getting his rocks off into your girl and you're at home tossing off to internet porn. I did believe it was different with the ex, but she must have found someone who would slap her around a little.

More to come, but i have a friend in need.

You may ask why I spend my energies on this. Well, here's a breakdown in terms that most people can understand; Money:

Credit cards debts at the time she abandoned me: $18,000

Lawyer fees: $2,169

Increase in Psychiatrist Visits @ $130/hr

Damage to credit because she doesn't
seem to know how to pay the car payment: 1 black mark/mo

Neglected student loan payments
when she was in charge of the bills: $33,000

The 1000 yard stare etched into my face: Parting gift

You see that mess around her in the picture? This woman is a slob, I actually quit picking up after her. Thought she should learn to do for herself. Probably one of the reasons she left. I don't know, she never gave me a fucking reason. Anyway, I swear that she left a trail of trash wherever she went. Unopened mail, opened mail, bills, advertisments from the mail, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, she just left them where they were sitting. It finally dawned on me after she began reading one romance novel after each other that she was actually losing intelligence. I estimate that her IQ went from around 130 to about 80, so from genius level to mildly retarded in a 6 year period. I do believe that I am not responsible for this. I never beat her, cheated on her, or gave her mind-affecting drugs.

You want to see what she's doing now?