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Things to visit everyday dammit!!

Take a trip to anither world, Glen Lachart, Sco'lan! A seriously messed up, lil toon.

Funny pics, hooters, interesting commentary, its phucked.

The coolest lesbian on the web.

What can I say, this site kicks ass!

This chick is hot!! and smart, 16 and in college.

Hey, President Bush is not a crackhead!!

I Want a New Girlfriend

What can I say, truth hurts, the man is a moron.

Serious Bible-thumpin

These guys got in some trouble when middle school students from MY town started ripping each other on-line like the immature imbeciles they are. MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA

Another early 30's something like myself, getting her ya-yas out.

Sister Taffy scours the net to flush out heathens, pagans, fornicators, sodomites, catholics, non-baptists, and anyone else she disagrees with.

Always something fun

The Weird stuff, tons of linkage