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I hate thinking of things to say about myself, but the other day, a student sent me one of those "please send back" survey type deals, so... these were my actual answers, i pulled it right out of my sent mail.


*What is your name? Ryan
*What would you change your name to if you could? Angus McLean, King of Scotland
*What are your parents name? Ernie & Cheryl
*If you have any brothers or sisters what are their
names? Brandon


*Do you have a crush or g/f? maybe a lil crush, no girlfriend
*If so who is it? a chick with big tits
*Have you ever been in love before? yes
*Has someone you loved ever made you cry? crying is minor, we are talking about ripped up heart, leaving nothing but a dead black space that effects every corner of my being
*Where is your favorite place to be kissed? what? guy answer, guy answer

*What's your favorite movie? mob movies, shawshank redemption, easy rider, lethal weapon series, star wars, star trek, amadeus, ghandi, american beauty, the usual suspects, pulp fiction, resevoir dogs, life is beautiful, anything as long as there is substance to it.
*Who's your favorite actor? kevin spacey's cool
*Who's your favorite actress? alyssa milano, jessica alba, alicia silverstone, that chick with the funny name in american beauty, i also have a thing for katie couric...mmmm..katie couric
*What's your favorite quote from a movie?
"All I need is some cool waves and a good buzz..." Fast Times at Ridgemont High
*What's your favorite tv show? i likes ER, and fucking Law and order

Pick one:
*chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
*car or truck? truck
*croutons or bacon bits? croutons
*vh1 or mtv? damn i'm old...vh1
*black or white? black
*Abercrombie or American Eagle? neither, bunch of preppy fucks
*adidas or nike? they both employ 7 year old indonesian kids to make the shoes for 10 cents an hour, so neither
*snowboarding or surfing? neither
*dogs or cats? puppies
*naked or clothes? most of the time, partially clothed
*blondes or brunettes? brunettes
*boxers or briefs? boxers
*girls...thongs or regular? thongs or no underwear
*hot or cold? cold, hot sucks


*Who's the most annoying person you know? everybody annoys me
*Do you have a belly button? in fact i have 3
*How many piercings do you have? one, left ear, never used anymore
*How many tattoos do you have? two, The Scottish royal lion on my left shoulder and a dragon on my left calf
*Do you have a job? yes
*If so where? I teach Special Education Math at a High School in a small town in New Mexico.
*What's your favorite sport? football, female naked jello wrestling
*What's your favorite color? dark dark green
*What's your favorite animal? bears
*What's your favorite number? 39
*How old are you? 31, but i look 20, and act like i'm 5
*When's your birthday? 8/31/1970
*Where were you born? grants, new mexico
*How tall are you? A whopping 5 feet 5 inches
*How much do you weigh? About 150 lbs, but i will not give a definitive answer
*How many pets do you have? 1 dog, and some lil wild bunnies that come and eat my grass
*And last but not least how dumb was this quiz? there have been worse things happen to me