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oh, its just a fucking joke


July 4, 2002

well, its 4th of july in the states and this year its very very fucking special... cause we're at war... it is always special when these two events coincide, all the closet patriots crawl out from their hiding places and express their voices in unison... well, at least semi- unison.... this year it seems more fervent then other war years (1991, 1983, 1979, 1973 being years in which i can remember in my lifetime), and i guess rightly so after the tragedy last fall, but i am definitely not a patriot, and going against the grain seems especially hard this year... if i were to voice my objections to all this patriotic bullshit, i could be strung up like a communist in front of mccarthy in the 1950's... but i do see many of these new, outed patriots in a humorous light, after all, they are like children rooting for sports teams.... last year so and so won the super bowl so thats my favorite team, but they are losing this year so i don't like them anymore, i'll find a new team... fairweather friends... fairweather fans, fairweather patriots... i'm just saying if youre a true patriot fine... if your not, dont go along with the crowd, be a leader not a follower, if youre apethetic... lead in yer apathy... follow me to whateverland and when we get there we'll just hang around and do nothing, watch fear factor or something

May 18, 2002

ok, ok.... it has been about six fucking months since i updated, but thats my business not yours.... as for me its been quite a ride, and i really havent thought much about posting, hell of a school year... we had the bitch principal of the universe retire, just as i was learning how to work with her knarly ass, and the no principal at all until last week... also weve had 4 kids die in the last six weeks, so it seems like everything is going nuts...only two weeks left and then it fucking summer.
I actually started dating, my best friend the magicgirl, got me to start asking women out, rejection or not, just to get over the rejection.  yes, and i have gotten laid out of it, so i guess that a good thing, except i had the feeling that girl wants more than i'm willing to give her, you know the whole enchilada, when all i want to do is fuck and run... shes got a nice body, i'll give her that, but her teeth are fucked up and that just bugs me, is that just me being picky?  but i was fucking doing it with her and i looked up at her face and she was gazing at me all fucking moonyeyed, and i almost lost all i turned her ass over and finished that way.... i'm such an asshole...

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